Ganis_America's Endangered Coasts new cover colorAmerica’s Endangered Coasts, Photographs from Texas to Maine
George Thompson Publishing
Photographs by John Ganis
$50. Hardback 170 color plates ISBN 978-1-938086-43-4

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America’s Endangered Coasts:

Photographs from Texas to Maine is a pioneering work documenting the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States that are threatened by rising sea levels. Using a topographic aesthetic that combines straightforward, highly detailed color photographs with GPS locations and elevations above sea level for each site, this book photographically responds to low-lying areas that are frequently over-developed and vulnerable to high tides, more severe hurricanes and a future dominated by rising seas.

Consuming the American Landscape

Dewi Lewis Publishing, U.S. Distribution: Consortium Books
Photographs by John Ganis,
Poems by Stanley Diamond,
Introduction by Robert Sobieszek,
Afterword by George Thompson

A sustained meditation on the changing American landscape that challenges the public to consider the impact of current and use practices on the environment.

$50. Hardback, 144 pages 86 color plates 10 in.x13 in. ISBN: 1-904587-00-3

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