A Conversation with John Ganis

Screenshot 2016-03-10 11.02.30A CONVERSATION WITH JOHN GANIS

The Photo Review magazine
Volume 31 Numbers 2 & 3

Having described himself as “…a photographic artist committed to issues of environmental concern…” Detroit-based photographer John Ganis documents the all too frequently ruinous convergence of nature and culture in his images of a land despoiled of its beauty by unbridled expansion. Ganis’s photographs of oil spills, strip mining sites, toxic waste dumps, and threatened coastal regions are, yet, richly rendered images whose aesthetic quality seemingly belies their disturbing theme. The sumptuous color of the artist’s panoramic pictures provides an effective and ironic counterpoint to the disquieting nature of the subject matter; his adroit approach to composition (that which he describes as a “well-structured photograph”) heightens the viewer’s perception of their content. Despite the scars visited upon it by humanity, Ganis celebrates the land. Continue reading the full article…(PDF Full Article)

“…traditional landscape photography presents an idealized notion of nature while I am interested in the landscape as it has been changed by human activity…”

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